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IVORY - The revolution in rental photography New and exclusive to the property management and rental market, we are delighted to announce the launch of our 'IVORY' photography collection. Dedicated to revolutionising the industry, our team have developed a new and game-changing photography package. IVORY has been conceived and tailored to imbue sophistication to property [...]

Getting the most out of your property

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Preparing your property for sale can be one of life’s more laborious, costly and stressful undertakings. There’s the obvious necessities like ensuring basic repairs have been completed and that the place is tidy and well presented. But what are some of the things that often get overlooked? It’s important to have a conversation with your [...]

Interior design trends – what’s on the way out and where are we headed in 2016?

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Whether preparing your home for sale or simply looking to get the most out of a space, it’s widely known that tasteful and stylish interior design can make all the difference. For this month’s blog, we asked freelance floorplanner and designer extraordinaire Amie Brennan about what’s currently in vogue, as well some of the trends [...]

The art of property photography

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What goes into making a property photo great? Obviously a nice camera, carefully styled home and meticulous retouching are three useful ingredients, but what are the skills that a talented property photographer brings to the table? For this month’s blog, we interviewed Skyline Creative’s head photographer, Andrew Patterson, to try and gain some insight into [...]

The evolution of property marketing

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It’s no secret that the internet age has brought about significant changes to the way we advertise property. An already very saturated industry has become even more competitive and making a listing stand out from the crowd can be a real challenge. Research done by the National Association of Realtors shows that 90% of consumers [...]

Skyline Creative News Launch Issue

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Hello & welcome friends and valued clients, Welcome to the first ever Skyline Creative newsletter. Once a month, we’ll be updating you on developments in our business and across the wider world of Sydney property. We’d like to thank you for trusting in our vision and are very confident that you won’t be disappointed. Skyline [...]