Getting the most out of your property

//Getting the most out of your property

Getting the most out of your property

Preparing your property for sale can be one of life’s more laborious, costly and stressful undertakings. There’s the obvious necessities like ensuring basic repairs have been completed and that the place is tidy and well presented. But what are some of the things that often get overlooked?

It’s important to have a conversation with your agent before your property goes to market about what sort of improvements they feel might add value, because often these improvements can be fairly inexpensive. New carpet and fresh paint might seem like the cop-out option when compared to doing a thorough renovation, but simple tweaks like this can make a considerable difference. If you’re unsure about the furniture and general presentation of your property, it’s well worth hiring a stylist, as this can vastly improve the sales outcome.

Lounge2_newThis useful article from identifies 10 key areas for consideration when it comes to prepping your home –

Ultimately, you have to weigh up with the agent whether any money you spend on the home’s aesthetic is going to be earned back with extra on top. Leave no stone unturned and ask every question that comes to mind in your preliminary discussions with your agent.

Remember that there is no detail too small. You might think that people won’t open your built-in wardrobes or that the presentation of your understair storage doesn’t matter, but everything leaves an impression, even if it’s just a subconscious one.

When it comes to the photo shoot for your property, there are also some key things to bear in mind. Make sure you book your photos for the time of day that the property looks its best. You wouldn’t hold open homes in the afternoon if your home faces east and catches beautiful morning sunlight, so don’t book your photos for an afternoon either.

Munni Street, 25, Newtown_StudyBe open to the photographer’s suggestions. It’s very easy to get your heart set on a shooting a room or space in a particular way, but remember it’s always different through the lens. A spare, minimalist approach to furniture in real estate photography is often the most effective for making a room look big, but according to Skyline’s head photographer Andy Patterson, a busy room can also work and can help set your property apartment from the competition – with the crucial point being IF it’s tastefully styled.

At the end of the day, it’s important to take the advice of the experts. Agents, stylists and photographers work every day on making properties look their best, and there are very few problems or questions that they won’t have an answer to. Keep an open mind – and good luck!


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