Interior design trends – what’s on the way out and where are we headed in 2016?

//Interior design trends – what’s on the way out and where are we headed in 2016?

Interior design trends – what’s on the way out and where are we headed in 2016?

Whether preparing your home for sale or simply looking to get the most out of a space, it’s widely known that tasteful and stylish interior design can make all the difference. For this month’s blog, we asked freelance floorplanner and designer extraordinaire Amie Brennan about what’s currently in vogue, as well some of the trends that are either over or on the way out.

As a copywriter who is constantly mentioning stainless steel kitchen appliances in ads, it surprised me when Amie told me that the classic stainless look is actually less trendy at the moment than stainless matte black. This alternative is perfect for those seeking a less-industrial look that also happens to be smudge-proof.

Speaking of industrial, I was equally surprised to learn that industrial chic is also not currently in. Instead, according to Amie, 2016 is all about warm tones, organic textures, handcrafted wooden furniture and simplicity in styling. Shiny textures like chromes, silvers and copper all seem to have fallen out of favour.








A recent Domain piece that I found supported this, pointing to terracotta and cork as useful materials for achieving an earthy and inviting aesthetic. The piece was loaded with great advice and is worth checking out in full – The interior trends you’ll be loving in 2017

One of the most fascinating parts of this article was its suggestion that the ever-popular concept of open plan design may be becoming less desirable in certain circumstances due to unfavourable acoustics, cooking smells and a lack of privacy. Instead, some buyers are returning to defined living areas and a floorplan that allow everyone to have their own space.

Two recurring themes that I noticed cropping up many times in interior design articles are sustainability and practicality. With an ever-increasing population and space at a premium in many modern urban apartments, features of a home that once only served a practical purpose are now also being utilised aesthetically.

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During my research, I came across Fluid Growers, a business that makes portable gardens to grow in your kitchen, as a great option for those in apartments without outdoor space.

Fluid Growers






All of the above is incredibly subjective and there’s no accounting for taste of course. This is just the tip of the iceberg and there are thousands of articles available at any given time on what’s currently “in”. What I’ve tried to do is identify some common threads and hopefully you’ve found a useful tip!

 By Ed Prescott

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