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Agent Profile Shoots: How to Command Screen Presence

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Along your journey of being a real estate agent, you might find yourself in front of the camera a lot.


Whether that is taking individual staff photos or filming an agent profile, the digital age has put more real estate agents at the forefront of their service as the ambassadors of many mediums.


Building a strong screen presence is important because you want to attract your audience immediately and present your brand and what you do in the best way possible.


Here are a few tips from our photographers and videographers on doing well in front of the camera.


Presenting yourself on camera confidently


Tip 1: Preparation


As you are the face of the brand, knowing how you want to present yourself on camera is important.


Whether you are still new to production shoots or you are familiar with being on camera, preparation is key.


Prepare your outfit the day before, from hairstyle to tie colours. You want it to be coherent, professional and uniquely tailored to your brand.


What we recommend to our clients is to try on the clothes the night before to see how they fit and make sure you feel comfortable in it as you will be standing and posing for a prolonged amount of time!


Sometimes it helps to have a few outfits ready just in case it doesn’t look right on the day.


If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask your director for their advice – it’s their job to make you look the best you can.


Tip 2: Relax


One of the key things to command strong screen presence on camera is to look like you feel confident and comfortable.


Trying to ‘look natural’ on camera can be a little difficult but if you feel relaxed, you will look relaxed.


For example, start by relaxing your shoulders and sit or stand up straight.


Don’t overthink it!


Tip 3: Have fun


The key thing to remember is to be present and have fun. It’s your agent profile!


Don’t be afraid to feel a little silly, because sometimes the best images (and the ones you’ll cherish) are the ones after you had let go of your anxieties and worries. Shake it off, baby!


Your photographer or videographer is there to make you feel and look your best, so trust in them and let them guide you.


Creating a compelling screen presence in your agent profile videos


A cornerstone of our brand is being able to help people tell their stories. Our profile videos give our real estate clients a unique opportunity to showcase what sets them apart from everybody else.


Regardless if you’re new or a superstar on camera, the story that you want to convey on video can sometimes be difficult to communicate.


Tip 1: Be real and authentic


You are telling your story – nobody else’s.


Some do it for different reasons, while others are still figuring it out.


When we ask you ‘why’ or ‘how,’ you want to convey something human and real, because that will translate and attract your audiences far more than an artificial response.


If you’re authentic to who you are, and what you want to show, then your audience is going to believe that.


Avoid overthinking it but also be mindful about your message and what values you want to communicate.


Tip 2: Be clear on your message


Be clear on the message that you want to deliver to your audience.


What is a ‘message’?


Your message will be the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of what you do in a nutshell. It is your unique selling proposition, just like how you would pitch your clients if you were to sign them up.


In our agent profile videos, we weave these messages in a creative way that is grounded in personal experience.


At the end of the day, your message will be the defining factor for what sets you apart from other agents.


Remember to stay true to your brand and make sure there is no confusion or hesitation about what you can deliver.


Tip 3: Trust your director


It can be daunting being on camera, but we don’t expect you to be the next Leonardo Di Caprio or Angelina Jolie.


The first take may seem a bit nerve-wracking but once you get the hang of it, the rest will come smoothly.


Run through your lines with the director first and ask for some feedback.


For example, do one full ‘freestyle’ take and let your thoughts flow. Don’t worry about slipping up here and there, that way you can have the director help you improve for the next take.


It is the director’s job to guide you and make sure you look and sound the best you can.


Practice, practice and ask for help!


For those starting, it’ll be a little daunting but once you practice you will find your groove.


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