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3 Apps You Need For Real Estate Social Media Marketing

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As a digital, content and social media, hybrid real estate marketing unicorn, I have to keep up-to-date with the latest apps and software that would make my job more efficient and easier to manage.


I also need to be able to create, post and publish content on-the-go.


Sadly, I know what it’s like to waste a lot of time testing and trialling mediocre apps, so to save you time, I have rounded up 3 of the best apps for all those social media marketers out there. 



Instagram Scheduling: Planoly




real estate social media marketing


Wouldn’t it be awesome if we all had our own assistant who could just post things on social media, whenever, wherever and be amazing at copywriting, organising the feed aesthetic and laying out all the tags all at once? Yeah, I feel you.


Planoly is the holy grail of my job as a social media marketer. 


This tool is an integrated software and mobile app designed to schedule and publish posts for Instagram, making it super easy to manage our social media accounts on-the-go. 


Because it is an official application partner with Instagram, there is a lot that Planoly can do, making it a powerful organisational tool.


I’ve used other apps like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social, but when it comes to posting for Instagram, Planoly has been the easiest and most reliable. 


Why it’s amazing:


  • Easy and simple to use with a clean interface
  • Integrated desktop and mobile app
  • Automated scheduling and posting images (including Carousels) and videos
  • Feed preview
  • Save and store hashtags in a ‘library’ 
  • Simple analytics
  • Schedule and plan Instagram Stories
  • Cheaper subscription prices with the option to start free and scale up with more accounts


The only small issue I have found is the post preview incongruencies. Upon posting, some of the posts may delay and not show on the feed preview of the app, making it hard to see previous posts. 


In terms of building a consistent posting schedule, Planoly is a powerful tool. 


But if you want a well-rounded social media strategy, you’ll want to make a content calendar first. Knowing and planning what types of content to make a month in advance will prevent you from freaking out last-minute and posting random, pointless things (not a fun time). 


Check out how to make a social media content calendar here in 5 simple steps here (free template included). 



Instagram Stories: Unfold



real estate social media marketing



When it comes to creating a beautiful Stories for Instagram, Unfold is the OG. 


Unfold is a mobile app designed to create themed Stories for Instagram. It offers a variety of high-quality minimalistic and design-orientated templates for photos and videos.


As a content production agency, Unfold is one of the ways we showcase our final work or any behind-the-scenes content on Stories. For example, we like to use these templates to show more intimate and detailed shots, like interior or architectural features.


It adds an extra level of storytelling quality to our social media content, which is great for building engagement.


It also just looks incredibly beautiful and is that extra bit that will set you apart from other agencies.


Why it’s amazing:

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Free with option to pay for more template
  • A variety of templates with different styles, fonts, colours, and layouts
  • Option to export as a single image or a whole story for Instagram
  • Save templates so you can create multiple at once




If you use Instagram Stories more religiously then Unfold is your go-to app. 


Tip: Make sure to use higher resolution or web-safe images as Instagram will compress (reduce) the quality of your posts!


[Learn how to use Instagram Stories Stickers to drive content engagement]



Create for Social: Adobe Spark Post



real estate social media marketing



If you’re looking for a quick way to create engaging social graphics on your mobile or desktop, then Adobe Spark Post is the app. 


Similar to Canva, Spark Post allows you to create templated graphics for social media in minutes, which you can then save or post directly to Instagram or Facebook. 


What’s great about it is that Spark Post is versatile and easy to use and syncs from desktop to mobile. 


The app allows you to create for multiple formats, whether that is for a square Instagram feed post or a Facebook video with animated text.


Why it’s amazing:

  • Simple and clean interface
  • Quickly make graphics on-the-go
  • Mobile and desktop versions which sync projects across automatically
  • Hundreds of pre-made templates, design styles, fonts, colours and effects
  • Brand the templates with your logo, colour palettes and fonts
  • Free to use with the option to upgrade to access more features
  • It has a dedicated gallery for inspiration.


Tip: Use Spark Post to promote Open Home times, testimonials, quotes and new listings. 

Try these apps out and let us know what you think!


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