Burger Head and Skyline Creative take on the most epic burgers

Time to Read: 2 minutes



In early November, three junior professional chefs approached Skyline Creative to help with an epic task — to film a cinema ad for their burger joint, Burger Head, which recently opened up in Penrith.


Their story is nothing short of amazing. Founders Josh and Richard worked as chefs in some of Sydney’s Michelin star restaurants. After spending a few years building their portfolio, they realised that they wanted to get into the casual eaterie business, which was taking Sydney’s restaurant’s scene by a storm. They used their expertise, knowledge and most of all their love for good food to make award-winning burgers (the good old fashioned way) and creating a culinary experience like no other. Tim joined the restaurant later on as front-of-house, completing the trio. 


As ambitious and driven as any budding creatives can be, we were inspired by their story and were eager to help boost their restaurant and help get their burgers the attention it deserves. 


Little did anyone know that the Burger Head project would be our secret lifelong dream: Watch chefs flip the best mouthwatering stack and capture that in crazy slow-mo — and help consume them (can confirm they taste as good as they look).


We shook on it and set to work. Here’s what went down behind the scenes.



As it was targeted towards a cinema audience, we wanted to capture every detail: how they cook it, the freshness of their ingredients, which are all made in house, and, importantly, to showcase it in the most epic way possible. We wanted to instil that feeling of biting into a delicious burger and almost tasting it….mmmm. 


The product of our collaboration is 15 seconds of pure mouthwatering visuals, immersing you in every detail. 


Unsurprisingly, Burger Head has attracted a lot of good reviews since it opened up in 2017. It’s doing well, gaining mainstream publicity, feeding lots of customers with good old wholesome burgers, just the way it should be.


We were incredibly honoured to be a part of their journey and can’t wait to go back.


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