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Is Your Marketing Strategy Selfless Enough?

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What is your intent? Why are you posting content anyway? What is your main marketing strategy?


These are the first three questions I would ask myself.


Is it for self-validation? Is it for the approval of strangers, or colleagues or “friends” who you’ve never met? Or is it because you want to provide value? Because you want to help people?


Because I’ll tell you something you probably already know… people care about themselves first. If they know that you also care about them, then they start to develop that know, love and trust factor with you.


If you want to increase likes, and followers for your validation, this isn’t the place for you.


If you want to spread love and influence and give value to your audience, while building a brand and an engaged client base, then you’re on the right path.


We need to talk selflessness for a minute


Way back in 2003, and revised in 2009, Seth Godin wrote a book called Purple Cow. It’s a call to action to make remarkable products or services that stand out from the crowd, that is worth shouting out loud about and can cut through the noise.


At this point, in your industry, the Purple Cow is selflessness on social media. It’s giving content and value with no thought of personal gain or personal harm because both are an epidemic.


There are people currently using marketing strategies that only boast about how great their product is, and what amazing sales and results they get, and it’s completely self-serving.


Then, which I find way more common in our industry, are the people that aren’t doing anything because they are scared, self-conscious, and self-deprecating. You are not standing out or contributing because your ego has you thinking people will judge you, that you will look stupid, that you will come across as amateur.


And yes, this is ego too. To think that other people will care enough to judge you is exactly ego. Once you let go of that and seek to give without self-thought, that’s when you take off.


Remember, people care about them first. They are watching content thinking “what’s in it for me?”


Back to the ego and standing out, we are blessed with a very heavy stereotype in our industry. The douchebag, money-hungry, commission seeking salespeople. Oh my lord, how we’re blessed.


This leaves such a massive opportunity to become that Purple Cow, to stand out among the crowd, to go and do something completely unexpected that gets noticed.



“Make your potential client feel their pain, really feel it. Show them that you have the plan and solution to solve their pain.”



Selflessness as a marketing strategy


Think of your content and marketing strategy as a story. Who is the main character?


For years it was you.


I bet your bio still paints a picture of the ideal you. You use letter drops and billboards with your massive head on it. Do you even know why? Or is it just because everyone else is doing it?


The main character in the story is your client.


I bet you’ve even adopted this in your sales process, it just hasn’t translated into your marketing. But when you’re selling something, trying to win new business, you do two things:

  1. Make your potential client feel their pain, really feel it.
  2. Show them that you have the plan and solution to solve their pain.


Your marketing strategy should be no different. If you believe that your client has pain points, and if you believe you have the solution, then it is your obligation to show them that and help.


[Read more on how to use storytelling in your content marketing strategy.]


Three ideas for Business Media marketing:


  • Tell the story of your client
  • Start giving value
  • Start by sharing testimonials


Tell the story of your client


How are they feeling? What is their pain? How can you help alleviate that for them?


This is how you stand out in today’s market. It’s not just about self-created industry awards designed to pat each other on the back.


It’s not who can afford to have the biggest double-page spread of their face in the local archaic printed media. It’s not even your GCI or what AM club you’re a part of. #4amclub


Start giving value


It’s what are you giving to that one client? It’s how have you deeply and profoundly understood their pain? It’s how can you articulate their pain? And it’s how can you articulate the solution for them?


Now yes, you need proven results. And social proof. And yes you need work ethic. You don’t need to say “I have great work ethic” or “I care about my clients”. You do need to show it though.


Start by sharing testimonials


Tell stories of past people you have helped. Start providing solutions to problems you know exists in your industry at the moment, unsolicited and free of charge.


This will create the winning formula below:

  • Giving value for free gives you authority and trust.
  • Vocalising another person’s pain gives you empathy.
  • Offering to be the guide gives you selflessness.
  • Telling individual stories give you social proof.
  • Being true to yourself helps you build rapport.
  • Putting yourself out there helps you build confidence.


Plus, when you take the pressure of making sales and hitting targets and switch it to helping and impacting as many people as you can, you lose anxiety and stress.


The best part, my favourite part of this, is that if you have made it this far then you have this inside you. There is a spark, a niggling voice that says “you can do this!” It’s soft, and it’s quieter than the voice screaming “No way! Stay where you’re comfortable!” But its there, and you can learn to train it like any muscle to get bigger and stronger.


You can start this immediately, but it isn’t going to happen overnight.


You don’t have to pay for it but it will cost you. But you can do this.


You can do it for your audience. You can help solve their problems and make an impact on someone’s life. You just have to give yourself, without ego, consistently and authentically, and I promise you, you will see incredible results.


If you want to learn more about how to add value to your content marketing strategy that will drive sales, engagement and growth, hit us up and let’s chat.