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8 Content Ideas For Real Estate To Help Drive Business Growth

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With more than half of small businesses in Australia using social media, there is a huge opportunity for you as a real estate agent who wants to boost your brand awareness and attract new leads.


Word spreads fast on the Internet and even faster on Facebook and Instagram. Friends and families recommend each other to products and services via these channels. Statistics by Sensis (2018) say that 64% of Australian users are more likely to trust a brand if they are active on social.


While social media is a visual platform, promoting your business is not merely just sticking up a mediocre photo you took of the house with a black and white filter. To drive engagement and business, you want to add value to your content by constructing a targeted strategy and one which uses storytelling


In this article, we will show you 8 content ideas for real estate you can incorporate into your social media content strategy. But first, some important groundwork.


Why you want to create a targeted content strategy


As an agent with a busy schedule, the last thing you want is to do is focus on the wrong channel strategy. Pick one or two relevant channels based on your core market’s demographics. 


For example, Facebook is still the most popular platform boasting 15 million users in Australia. As a partnered platform, Instagram comes in second with 9 million – and rising – but is mainly used by those under 30.  Because engagement on Facebook differs to Instagram, each platform will require different types of content.


Your business on Instagram or Facebook page is not your personal page, therefore you shouldn’t post about anything and everything. See it as one part of a holistic marketing program and create a targeted content strategy that is aligned with broader business objectives. This way you can identify the performance and ROI of your social media effectively.


By being specific about your channels, you can hone down on an effective strategy and create less for more.


What is your niche and how can you communicate it?


You are your brand, and every great brand has a story. What do you stand for and what makes you different from the rest?


Your Instagram or Facebook profile is like a digital shopfront, the first touchpoint your customers will see before making that call or email. 


Be personable


Find a balance in your strategy to keep your brand relatable. Successful business owners and entrepreneurs, big or small, move beyond their work, because they are not merely just hard workers but also family people, juggling between their passion, helping people and activities outside of work. 


Before you read on, just remember: Be bold and be confident; creativity takes courage.


Now, let’s get into it. 


Here are 8 content ideas you can start creating and incorporating into your strategy. 


Feed content ideas for real estate



Get on camera and talk to your audience


The beautiful thing about social media is that it breaks the barrier between the business and its audience.


As a brand wanting to build brand trust, Instagram is an ideal platform to show the behind-the-scenes of your business, which in turn can help build brand awareness. What insights can you give about your work process on a day-to-day basis? How do you work that is different from other agents? 


One way we love to capture BTS is to use ‘vlog-style’ videos, where you record naturalistic short videos, talking into the camera as if you were directly talking to your audience. 


You are the main ambassador for your brand! Let your personality shine through, whether that is a day at work, weekly successes and challenges, meeting up with clients or interior designers, or on-site at a shoot. By putting yourself in front of the camera and speaking ‘to your follower’, it will bring your audience closer to you.


[Watch this 1-minute video to learn how to create better videos for Instagram Stories.]


In the video example below, leading Melbourne-based Agent, Marty Fox from WHITEFOX Real Estate uses this ‘vlog-style’ video to address his audiences on the update of his upcoming show’s premiere.


View this post on Instagram

I am so sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you know I always give you everything up front. Sadly we are not able to go live tonight with the first episode as we had hoped. In the last 24 hours since our preview screening we have been approached by a large production house who want to explore the option to make this bigger. As such we are not able to go ahead releasing the episodes. Don't worry though! I will continue to give you snippets of my behind the scenes tips and life here and will update you when I know more. The best part is, we will still be awarding the competition winners for the session with me and I look forward to chatting with some of you directly here on instagram! Much love xx

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Celebrate the wins of your clients

Keep the F45 spam, flashy sports cars and exotic weekend getaways to a minimum (meaning zero). This is an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of your vendors, clients, and community.


Collect testimonials with your current and past clients, because it will boost your brand credibility and build brand trust. One way you can quickly capture testimonials is to film them on-site post-auction, where emotions are high and everyone is feeling good. 


Use storytelling to spotlight features of a home


Create a short video that showcases certain features of a home. Encapsulate the mood of the home and point out features of a property you would not typically show in a marketing video.


For example, in this short cinematic inspired video by Belle Property Annandale agent Simone Azzi, she talks about the particular design, lighting and space throughout the home. Combined with the right music, cinematography and pacing, this form of storytelling can add emotion and value to a home.


View this post on Instagram

There's modern style, natural light and true quality throughout this superb home, delivering an easy-care lifestyle in a quiet Marrickville neighbourhood. Flowing interiors are enhanced by a spacious layout that includes a light-filled open living area, up-to-date finishes and an easy flow to the outside for entertaining.⠀⠀ ⠀ ? 9 Park Road Marrickville⠀⠀ ?️ 3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom, 1 Car⠀⠀ ✨ Open Saturdays 10am – 10:30am and Tuesdays 12pm – 12:30pm⠀⠀ ? For more information please call me on 0433 236 281⠀ To view more please click on the link in my bio to be directed to my current listings page ? ⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ Beautifully shot as always by my favourites @skylinecreative ? ⠀⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #belleannandale #marrickville #sydney #innerwestsydney #sydneyinnerwest #sydneyfoodie #lifestyle #organicmarkets #instahome #seriouslysimone #auction #buy #forsale #coffeesydney #sydneycafe #sydneylifestyle #sydneyhome #sydneyhomes⠀

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 Repost and share to build relationships


Reposting and sharing content is a simple way of engaging with your audiences. One form of ‘reposting’ is to share content from your followers, other brands, businesses and vendors. By doing so, you are weaving the voices of the community around you into your feed, therefore connecting and strengthening relationships with them.


Another way is to share third-party content, for example, a poster for an event in the community, or a video or quote that resonates with you. Again, this is a great way to give value and also to spotlight on issues and events you care about. 


There are a few mobile apps for reposting for iOS and Android.


Represent the community 


The area that you represent is a part of your brand’s identity. As a local expert, you want to use your social media to promote the community. How can you show the significance of the community?


Here are some questions to get the ball rolling:

  • What are the best-hidden gems?
  • Any historical nuggets about a street worth sharing?
  • What events are happening that you support?
  • What is the lifestyle and vibe of the community like?


Story ideas 


We love Instagram Stories – and the majority of Instagram users agree.


Given the 24 hour lifespan of the content on Instagram Stories, it makes it a great platform to share content regularly. The more you share and the more your audiences watch, the more your brand remains top-of-mind.


Our #1 tip is to use Instagram Stickers because it encourages your followers to interact with your content.


Think about it this way, IG Stories Stickers is an opportunity to attract and qualify new customers. From Questions, Polls to Quizzes, there is a range of stickers to encourage interaction from your audiences. Be sure to follow up by sending those who have engaged a Direct Message (think of it as lead nurturing!).


[ Learn how to use Instagram Stories Stickers to drive audience engagement.] 


Answer FAQs and share advice personally


Share advice or answer Real Estate FAQs on Stories to build brand authority. The success behind this is to frame what questions your potential clients would be asking or thinking. One way to remain relevant and avoid repetition is to set a theme for each day of the week.


To learn more in-depth on how to create highly targeted content based on your customer personas, read more here.


Give insights into a campaign 


Allow your audiences to follow and watch the behind-the-scenes journey of a property campaign. 


The idea here is inspired by other creative agencies on Instagram. They would show BTS stills of during the pre-production, production and then post the final product of the project. Watching the project develop from start to finish makes you aware of the process but also establishes brand trust. 


As a real estate agent, you can show the process behind each stage of the campaign, from listing, marketing, styling, creative production, open inspections, auction to post-sale reflections.  Include captions, GIFs, music and interactive stickers to give it some flair. 


From there you can save these as a ‘Story Highlight’ which will stay on your profile permanently and can be watched again by anyone.


content ideas for real estate

[Image by Skyline] Use Unfold to turn your Behind The Scenes images into beautiful Instagram Stories.


Repurpose marketing content 


If you have posted a new listing video or series of photos, cross-promote it on your Stories, because by repurposing your marketing content on Stories you expand its visibility and reach. 


Use Unfold’s beautiful templates to repurpose and cross-promote your videos and photos in a story format. Add text, themes and design to take your audiences through a visual journey. For example, include captions that point to unique features of the home. 


content ideas for real estate

Repurpose your property marketing content for Stories to cross-promote your listing and increase reach.


Note: It helps if you have high-quality photographs and videos because Instagram automatically reduces the resolution of your photos and videos.


When done right, social media can be a powerful and effective marketing channel for your brand. It acts as one of the first points of contact for your customers, and it also allows them to get to know you and your business on another level that a company website bio won’t do.


Now that you have 8 solid content ideas for real estate, it’s time to go off and brainstorm different ways to put these work!


[Learn how to create a social media content calendar here (free template included.)]



Stuck on ideas? If you want to learn how to build targeted content that will drive sales, engagement and leads, hit us up for a quick chat!