Our Core Values

We take our core values very seriously, and believe they are a big part of what separates us in the industry. If you’ve worked with us before, you would have seen the passion and dedication to our craft and partners we work with on a daily basis. We make all decisions under the influence of these values, and hold both our clients and our team accountable for them.

Surprise everyone with how far we will go for them

We give everything we can to our clients, co-workers and company. And then we give some more. Every interaction and opportunity we have to provide value we take and execute with enthusiasm and passion. We strive for that WOW response. In all facets of our day to day being we go the extra mile in everything we do. We understand that taking the actions to do this consistently leads to greater growth, and the opportunity to impact more people.

Be the best version of ourselves

We encourage individuality and personality and encourage everyone to be themselves, as long as it’s the best version of themselves. We stay humble in our achievements and practice humility as we grow and evolve. We strive for improvement and development in everything we do. In our craft, our team, our processes, our product, our service and our goals we are always learning. We carry the self-awareness to evaluate the areas we can improve, and the tenacity to hold ourselves to uncompromisingly high standards.

Be the driving change in the industry

We are creators, innovators, risk takers. The industry sees us at the forefront of the game, yet in our minds we are even further ahead of that. We are dedicated to innovation, change, improvement, and that’s what excites us. We aim to influence and inspire with everything we do.

Relationships are everything

We aim to build positive, long-lasting relationships both internally and externally. We place the utmost value on mutual respect with our co-workers, clients and industry peers. We endeavour at all times to act with kindness, compassion, empathy, and support. We have fun, laugh as much as we can, embrace each other’s weirdness and quirks and encourage each other in an environment built on transparency and honest communication.

Be collaborative, selfless and adventurous

We are made up of amazing artists, creatives, thinkers, and dreamers. Together we are strong and build each other higher. We collaborate and all have a say in the direction and growth of the company, exploring together new ideas and new ways we can deliver on our service. We take risks without fear of failure, we voice ideas without fear of judgment, we seek out ways we can contribute to the benefit of those around us. We believe strongly that our success is built upon the actions and ideas of our people working together as one.

Take Initiative

We are our own motivation. When we see something that needs to be done we do it. We take ownership of the success of ourselves, the company and our clients, and when we see opportunities for improvement we act immediately without thinking. We do not need to ask for permission, we do not need to wait to be asked to do something. Every action is created with the intent to improve and grow together.

Act with Honour and Integrity

We have a strong sense of ethics and moral principals. We believe that doing the right thing is always the right thing. Every decision we make is based on what the morally right thing to do is. We hold ourselves accountable in all facets, and anything that doesn’t align with those principals will not be tolerated, both internally and externally.

Seek Balance

We believe strongly in balance in all areas of life. Our business, our relationships, our personal lives, all experience flows of highs and lows. We maintain clarity, vision, and commitment to stop, breathe and seek out that balance. We simultaneously look back for lessons, while being mindful of the present for focus, and maintaining the foresight to see where we want to go and take the actions to get there. We strive to create a supportive environment, in which that balance of the individual, team and company is always maintained.

Bring the Energy

We bring it, every day. Our energy dictates our reality. We use it to succeed, to grow, to develop. We use it to inspire, to create, to build. We aim to have so much positive energy it infects all who interact with us. We give this energy to our coworkers, our clients, our work and our art. We understand its power and its influence on the success of our company and our people.