In light of the NSW Government mandates, we wanted to update our community on some new policy regulations and best practice information.

Although no direct statements have been made about our industry specifically (both real estate and creative agencies), we have made the decision to align with the services industry guidelines, as we feel this best fits the situation, and requires the highest level of diligence. Moving forward, our team will be taking the following steps ahead and during their on-road appointments.

This is imperative to keep us, our fellow team members, clients, and vendors at low-risk of transmission.

– The mandatory use of face masks will be worn by our team members at all times of your marketing booking, following the rules and practice guidelines currently in place.

– Social distancing will be a minimum of a 1.5m radius from any other person. Please be mindful not to get up close to our cameras, and to keep your distance from the photographer. The viewing of test shots and how this is done is up to the photographer’s discretion.

– We will be keeping our teams to the minimum number of members required, and at the time of booking, you will be given the option to stagger the arrival of our team members if you wish to keep the numbers of attendees even lower.

– All Skyline team members will be avoiding handshakes in the interest of public safety and awareness.

– We will be reducing the movement of furniture and touching of surfaces, so please prepare the home prior.

– We will wash our hands with soap for 20 seconds as often as possible, as this is the number one way to stop the transmission. (Timing can be noted by singing happy birthday, twice – true fun fact!)

– We will keep on top of disinfecting our phone, laptop, camera, keyboard and mouse, both at home and at work.

– Try not to touch your face and mouth whenever possible.

– We will carry hand sanitiser, and will offer this to the agent, vendors, and coworkers if appropriate.

– Sneeze/cough protocol: if we have to sneeze/cough, we will sneeze into our elbow or ideally a tissue. We WILL NOT discard anything, especially tissues, at a vendor’s home. Like aways, anything we take in, we take out with us.

– If we feel unwell we WILL stay at home. Likewise, if we feel uncomfortable with the health of someone around us ie vendors, agents or coworkers we will remove ourselves. Your health and the safety of those around is always our primary concern.

Please do keep in mind, we may all be fit and healthy, but it is not only ourselves that we need to be looking out for. Early action is the best preventive measure.

As always, any concerns please call at anytime – we are here for you. Stay safe and healthy.