Freelance Video Editor Trial

Thanks so much for making it this far.

Due to the overwhelming amount of applications we’ve received for this role, we’ve designed a trial edit that we are asking you to approach creatively as a way to showcase your skills.

If you feel confident in doing this, please read on.

Below is a link to a folder of property footage for the edit. We’re looking for a few things that we would consider basic foundational elements – shot selection, flow, interacting with the music, colour, stabilisation, lines, any effects, graphics etc. Some of these things are technical, others will be subjective style.

Its also worth pointing out that we acknowledge that this wasn’t particularly shot for this purpose, so there’s a little bit of making the most of what you have as well.

The big thing though is we’d love to see something unique. The state of video in our industry is pretty cookie cutter so we’re counting on your fresh eyes. This could mean whatever you want it to be. It could be a slow, elegant, emotive based piece set to tones and sound design, or it could be hard-hitting seizure-inducing madness, whatever you feel A) showcases your style and talents and B) works with the property.

The video won’t see the light of day, so happy for you to use licensed music, but something not easily recognised is preferred. I don’t want it to distract from your work.

Colourwise, happy for you to go with what you think works. It’s a beach property, so maybe a bright happy sunshine profile might work? Or because we’re really aware of our content being heavily used across social, maybe a bit more dark, contrast rich “Insta” feel might work? again up to you.

Titles and graphics are something that could help be a difference-maker if you choose to include them.

So below is the link to 7 Montpelier Place Manly. You will find footage from a GH5 and 2x types of drones. Plus audio from a few PTC’s.

You do NOT have to use all of it. You don’t have to use any of the interviews if you don’t feel like it, I’d even prefer you didn’t, but if you can make it work then go for it.

Finally, please remember that the main aim is to just make an awesome video. Forget about it trying to sell the home, forget that its for a real estate agent or for the real estate industry, and forgot about the demographic that such a video would be for. Just make us go “holy shit that was badass”.

I appreciate you taking the time to do this, I know it’s not standard and is an investment of your time, which I do respect. I also ask that you back yourself with it, be confident, and show a part of yourself in the video. I think as creatives we tend to second guess ourselves a lot, and we could always back ourselves more than we do.

When finished, please export in 1080, upload to YouTube (unlisted) and paste the link in the form at the bottom of this page. It won’t be used publicly but happy if you wanted to watermark it if you feel the need, I understand.

If you have any questions about the role in the meantime, please head to the contact section and reach out.


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