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Use Instagram Stories Stickers to Drive Audience Engagement

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Gone are the days where Instagram Story Stickers were just a novelty and a shiny new plaything. It is now a powerful tool to take your Stories to another level to drive audience engagement.


Instagram Stickers is a feature which allows you to add overlay stickers, GIFS and photos on top of your Instagram Story photo/video. To access these ‘Stickers’ simple swipe up on your finished Story and choose any one of them. Edit, customise and stick it on – it’s super easy. 


Since Instagram released its Stories’ feature in 2016, there have been more and more types of ‘Stickers’. From polls, ‘ask me questions’, to GIFS and music, adding these to your Instagram Stories intentionally transforms short-lived content to a sub-platform that encourages audience participation. 


Instagram Stories and its Stickers feature have become an important element of our social media content strategy. Statistics show that about 500 million people use Stories every day and more brands are using it as a main direct communication channel.


audience engagement

Swipe up on your Instagram story to access stickers.


1. Starts conversations and encourages audience engagement 


What we love about Instagram Stories is that it is an easy and quick way to create content that is engaging and encourages users to engage and participate in a momentary shared event. 


With the Chat Sticker, Quizzes, Polls and Questions, you can prompt conversations or ask your audience for feedback. 


We use questions and polls to directly ask our followers on what types of content they’d like to learn from us. Rather than sending out a survey through email, we find stickers to be much more convenient. It’s a win-win!


audience engagement

Use chats, quizzes and polls to initiate conversation.


2. Encourages hype 


As long as you stay consistent and keep the content itself interesting and worthwhile, using Stories will help your brand stay top-of-mind.


Switch up the content of your stories every day. By doing so, it will provide an opportunity for your followers to stay up-to-date with your brand. From BTS, shout-outs to sneak-previews, stickers adds that added layer of hype for our followers when they watch.


Try the emoji slider stickers, countdowns, mentions and music to add that extra oomph. 


audience engagement

Use emoji sliders and countdowns to encourage hype.


3. Expresses your brand identity 


Instagram Stories Stickers provides an opportunity for your brand to be creative and authentic. I spend extra time choosing the right GIF or sticker – and I’m not even sorry. It is an art form now.


audience engagement

Use GIFS to add in some personality! Have fun with it.



4. Connects you to your followers


An important function of stickers is how it can be used to build and strengthen relationships with your followers. As a business owner or a brand manager, Stickers is a powerful way for you to directly connect with specific followers who engage with your stories. 


With Stickers, you can check to the rate of audience engagement and who has responded via the ‘Sticker Taps’ analytics. Go into your Story Archives, select the story, and then swipe up on the story to check the sticker responses.


audience engagement

Go into your archives, swipe up and check your sticker analytics.



Of course, it would be remiss if we didn’t offer this important piece of advice: Follow up on those who have responded!


Click on the arrow next to the user’s name. It will then open up the Direct Message and prompt you to reply.


audience engagement

Follow up by direct messaging.


Ask them a question, ask for feedback or just say thanks – this is a great way to start a conversation, nurture audience relationships, and a valuable opportunity to qualify potential customers!


Direct Messaging also adds a personal touch, which will make the thread feel exclusive and personalised to them. 


Now is the time to use stickers!


As we’re constantly buying the attention of our audiences on social media, using Instagram Stickers is a great time-saving and cost-free way to boost your content, encourage audience engagement and participation and to initiate conversation easily. 


Which sticker is your favourite? Let us know!


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