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October RoundUp: The Biggest Instagram Updates This Month

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This month in social media we’ve got a round of new exciting Instagram updates.


Last month saw a focus on Facebook developing more tools for businesses, and it seems that Instagram has stepped up to tweak some of its existing tools, like IGTV and Stories.


Without further ado, let’s get into the top 5 social media updates this month.


Instagram updates IGTV with its ‘Series’ feature


Yes, you can now make a video series on IGTV – and not just one but multiple.


Instagram recently released their IGTV “Series” update where creators can now create, group and label a collection of videos under a title.


The “Series” feature will also make it easier for users to discover videos and keep-up-to-date by turning on video notifications.



Why It Matters


  • Allows your audiences and potential customers to keep up with your content, which will strengthen audience engagement
  • Creating different video series will showcase your personality and provide insight into your work
  • Easier for creators to structure and manage content on IGTV


IGTV Series Suggestions


  • Client Testimonials
  • Best of Property Videos
  • Market Reports
  • Work-Related FAQs
  • Behind-The-Scenes videos of your work like Open Homes, auctions, the office, and staff
  • Behind-The-Scenes videos of the community and events you are passionate about


Tip: While the maximum length is 60 minutes, keep your content short and sweet to maximise engagement. 


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Create Instant Content with Instagram Stories ‘Create’


This new feature on Instagram Stories allows you to quickly create Stories content using simple text, GIFs and interactive stickers.


instagram updates: instagram stories create

Instagram Stories ‘Create’ mode templates.


Why It Matters


  • With stories, it is all about fast-paced short-form content. With ‘Create’ you are given a range of pre-made templates that allow you to create and customise interactive stories
  • Luckily, it doesn’t require any pre-made assets like photos or videos so it will save you time




  • Ask Me About’ sticker: Encourage your audiences to ask you questions and feedback
  • Quizzes sticker: This is a fun way to update your vendors and clients about market stats, figures and potential opportunities
  • GIFs sticker: Let your personality and mood shine, or use it as a segue for tips or advice!
  • Throwback sticker: Showcase your best properties on that same day last year and recount the story. Your audiences will love it.


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Expand Your Reach with Instagram’s Updated ‘Explore’ Tool


The ‘Explore’ Tab on Instagram has gotten a facelift, levelling out the playing field and making it easier for businesses to get discovered.


Instagram has put new tabs like Art, Food, Style, Decor and Architecture, as well as IGTV and featuring Stories on the Explore feed. 


instagram stories: instagram explore

Instagram’s updated Explore page


Why It Matters


  • Increased opportunity for businesses and brands to expand their presence and reach out to more people organically
  • Better algorithm structure for people to discover your business
  • Greater emphasis on video content




  • Use relevant hashtags in your posts and stories under the ‘Architecture’ and ‘Decor’ categories
  • Your name and bio and profile page should ideally be narrowed down (ie. one simple keyword or hashtag in your bio)
  • Follow similar complementary brands, hashtags, and accounts, and constantly engage with them


Bonus Tip: Clear your search results history so that Instagram can recommend new accounts!


Facebook Is Pushing Out New Messenger Tools For Businesses


Facebook has now integrated a wider range of tools for Facebook Messenger for businesses that will improve the interaction experience between customers and businesses by making it easier and seamless for customers to contact them.


At the core of it, this includes integrating appointment-bookings and lead-generation features, which will be available as a Facebook Ads template.


Why It Matters


  • These tools will provide more accessible touchpoints for your vendors or clients to reach out to you and make real-time appointments for calls or inspections through an integrated calendar-booking system
  • This will cut the communication process to a half and seamlessly funnel and qualify Facebook customers through a more efficient communication channel




  • Run video ads for your property listings and try the ‘lead-generation’ template. You can link your CRM to the forms.


Data Transparency on Instagram


Instagram will now be rolling out better control and management over user authorisations for third-party apps requesting personal information.


Third-party apps like photo sharing or publishing apps will often request to ‘link’ or ‘connect’ to your Instagram account, which means they need your account information to pull content into their application.


In this update, you will have better control over which apps are requesting information and can authorise, deny and remove existing requests. 


The update won’t be accessible for all users until 2020.


So there we have it, the top 5 updates on Instagram and Facebook.


What do you think of these changes? Let us know, send us a DM on Facebook or Instagram.


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