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3 Tips on Securing High-Quality Vendor Paid Advertising

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Securing vendor paid advertising…what’s your pitch?


The best agents we’ve seen out there sit in front of the vendor and sell the outcome of high-quality vendor paid advertising, not just the photography itself. Their clients don’t want just great photos, they want someone to buy their home at the best possible price. Agents who succeed in this can articulate the difference well.


What is happening here is that these agents are getting their clients to sign on with fully paid advertising based on value and results rather than price. 


The defining factor here is adopting a value-based sales mentality into your language.


Here are 3 tips on how you can tweak your language to nail the perfect pitch.


Understand the two buying mentalities


As humans, we have two systems of thinking: the logical and the emotional. In marketing, these are known as ‘buying rationale‘ (rational) and ‘buying psychology’ (emotion).


Our buying rationale is analytical and plays it safe, while our buying psychology is dictated by our feelings, intuition and impulses.


When presented with a choice to buy, customers will first play to their feelings and intuition before thinking more rationally. This is why they say you should never go grocery shopping on an empty stomach!


vendor paid advertising


If you know your customer’s problems well, you can show the value of the product by tailoring the benefits to their wants.


For example, you can help boost their confidence by ensuring that high-premium marketing content will attract a higher demographic of buyers (we can vouch for that).


Once you can show that you understand what they want, you’ll find vendor paid advertising a lot easier to establish.


Educate them 


The advice we give to our real estate clients who want to successfully get their vendor to sign onto VPM is to educate them. What it will mean for them to use high-quality photography and video?


For example: 


Explain how great photography jumps out of the noise, that it pops from screen and page to capture people’s attention.


If social media is integrated into the marketing strategy, then emphasise the increased rate of engagement quality visual content will attract (which is a 94% increase in views). 


The more attention it gets, the better chance at competition.


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Understand that quality is branding


The best sales agents believe in the value of the service or product that they’re selling.


They’ve framed their mindset by focusing on the association that the product will have on their brand’s reputation and can effortlessly articulate this relationship to their clients.


Sales associates for high-end luxury brands don’t try to justify their 6 digit price tag because it’s not the product that makes it premium, it’s the community, which is exclusive to its customers only.


Brands like these have stood the test of time with cult-like status because their value is more than just its price tag. You buy into a lifestyle, a status, and a desire to be a part of something uniquely theirs. 


By selling them high-quality premium content, you are inviting them to be an ambassador for your brand.


And by keeping consistency in quality is what will make your brand stand out from the competition and attract like-minded clientele.


“Give them quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” (Milton Hershey)


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