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Posting Videos to Instagram: How to Maximise Engagement

Time to Read: 3 minutes

I admit posting videos on Instagram can be a little tricky, especially if you haven’t gotten the routine ingrained in you like muscle memory.


There is an optimal way of posting videos on Instagram that will maximise engagement.


And since you spent all that time crafting the perfect video, you will want to make the most out of it!


Here is a step-by-step guide on how to post videos to Instagram, the right way!

Step 1: Choose your video


The first step is to have the video ready on your phone. Once you do, go onto Instagram, press the [+] button and choose your video.


post videos


Step 2: Expand to full-width


If the video is in landscape format (usually 16:9), then Instagram would automatically crop it into the square format (1:1).


To zoom the video into full-width, press the expand arrows on the bottom left-hand corner on the preview screen.


This will ensure that no text is cropped and for optimal viewing resolution.


posting videos


Step 3: Choose a cover photo (important)

The next crucial step is to choose a cover photo, which is the thumbnail that will appear on your feed.


If you’re fine with Instagram choosing a random cover photo, then skip this step.


Otherwise, choose a cover photo by dragging the square across a specific time point in your video.


It’s important to remember that the thumbnail on your feed will be a SQUARE, so avoid choosing a cover photo with lots of text as it will be cut off!


Tip: Choose a cover photo that will complement or suit the overall aesthetic of your feed and brand identity.


posting videos

Step 4:  Add your caption and hashtags


Next, add a strong and engaging caption and include relevant hashtags.


If you’re stuck or not sure how to write captions, then follow this neat guide by Sue B Zimmerman.


Tip: Use a good amount of hashtags (you can use up to 30) but make sure you have a variety, including your branded hashtag. Try to avoid using too many hashtags with a ton of tagged posts as it will reduce the likelihood of your video from being discovered.


posting videos


Step 5: Tag accounts


Tag relevant users and accounts, like your agency, your colleagues, and other brands or accounts.


Tip: Tag influencers or accounts with lots of followers as it is a good way to leverage their follower base and help build connections and increase engagement.


posting videos


Step 6: Add your location


Add the target location, ie the suburb of the listing.


This will help increase the likelihood of your video being discovered by relevant users and even potential vendors in your area.


posting videos


Step 7: Post your video


Last but not final, share your video out to the world – and don’t forget to give back love to your followers who engage with your post.


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