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How to Sell a Home in One Minute: Real Estate Video Ideas

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What if I told you that you could sell a home in one minute?


Video marketing is more popular and effective than ever before, and we’ve seen the number of agents who are stepping up to the mic and killing it.


After four years of filming many property videos (4374 as of today to be exact), we’ve learnt a thing or two on how the best agents can quickly sell a home on camera.


Here are some ways to present your home in a way that your audience won’t forget.


Pitch it like it’s the one


Nobody really cares about a home that is just ‘3 bed, 1 bath, 1 car.’


It’s the same way that Apple isn’t selling the iPhone as just a mobile phone, and Nike selling their runners as just shoes.


Every home has a distinctive feature and the best agents know how to pitch it right. Whether it is the design, the history behind the home, the architectural qualities, or key suburb surrounds, weave these into your piece.


Tip: If you are planning to cross-post the video on social media (which you should be), pitch the home in the first 10-20 seconds. Keep it short, sharp and sweet, because our attention spans are only getting shorter!


For example, the captivating opening for 21 Innes Road by James Bennett uses a strong call to action, all in 15 seconds. Short, sharp and sweet.



Invite your vendors to a new life by using storytelling


When we want something we usually imagine how better life would be if we had it.


A new home offers an opportunity to build a new life and a fresh start. Good storytelling can immerse buyers in these fantasies that stick with them all the way home.


As the agent presenting the home, take your audience on a journey. What kind of lifestyle do you envision? How would a perfect weekend look like? What kind of opportunities does a 200sqm home offer?


In the video below, real estate agent Simone Azzi introduces the listing by getting into her favourite features of the home.


She describes what an ideal Sunday would look like for a family living there based on the current owner’s lifestyle, and this illustrates not only the wonderful potential that this home offers but her rapport with her clients.



By using storytelling to build these narratives, your audiences will walk away remembering the feeling instead of the numbers.


Tip: Be interactive on camera and engage with your audience as if they were with you. This is a great idea if you wanted to record a walk-through of the property.


For example, the video below with Belle Property Lindfield agents Geoff and Lucy is a perfect example of doing an ‘interactive walk-through’ style of piece-to-camera that combines storytelling and humour.


Lucy and Geoff do a fantastic job of guiding the viewer as they go through each room and point out standout features of the home.



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Let the visuals do the talking


Above all, make sure your video is just straight up epic and visually engaging.


Think about how you want the home to be represented. What kind of feeling, mood or atmosphere does it evoke?


Sometimes it helps to have a point of reference, like a specific genre of music to help pace the video or a mood board to pin down the visual identity. By doing this the videographer and editor will be able to craft a video that is tailored to your vision.


For example, upbeat, dynamic and euphoric with a range of fluid camera movement.  See below.



Or, an epic and high energy video that sets out to hype your audience with the fast-paced style of editing and music.



Every home has something to offer, and property videos are a perfect way to sell the home in creative and unique ways.


Rather than it being just a video of a home, see it as an opportunity to pitch the home in a way unlike anyone else’s.


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