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Social Media Marketing: Build Trust by Reading Your Customer’s Mind

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During a conversation or sales call, any good salesperson will be asking questions and listening more than anything else. A good salesperson will be trying to diagnose the problem before offering any solution. This is how any personal and face to face interaction should occur.


But what about your social media marketing? This isn’t really a two-way conversation, so how do we connect and engage our audience?


The very first thing is we need to understand our audience. Not the followers/audience you have now. Not your family. Not the friends you’re still following from high school. Not the other agents or industry peers.


Your audiences are now your potential clients. And your potential clients have problems.


Your ability to understand those problems and empathise with them gives you 3 things:

  1. Trust
  2. Authority
  3. And the assumption that if you understand these problems so profoundly that you must have the solution.


Get Into The Minds of Your Clients


As part of your new social media marketing strategy, we’re going to learn how to read minds.


It’s not as complicated as you may think – and it’s something you can do right now. Grab a piece of paper, or open a blank document.


Write a column of the days of the week on it, Monday to Sunday.


Alongside each day of the week, I want you to write down three things.


1. What’s happening in your average client’s life on that day?

2. What emotion are they experiencing?

3. What outcome do they desire?


You should know your client personas by now, you’ll know them better than I do, but let’s use this as an example.


[Learn how to build a simple Social Media Calendar including a free template you can download now.]


Example Persona: A Potential Seller


You have someone thinking of selling their home. A potential seller. Write down something for each day.

use personas to inform your content strategy

Use customer personas to inform your content strategy.


Start coming up with ideas for each day.


use personas to inform your content strategy

Speak to them and address their daily problems with a solution.

Social Media Marketing: Selflessness, Not Selfies


You need to feel, like, really, feel what your audience is feeling.


Get in their mind. Let’s shift the focus from you to them.


Enlist empathy, and make your content reflect that.


Your potential client might be going through a divorce, where everything is stressful and hard. Do you think they give a fuck about your washboard abs on the back of a boat on the harbour?


The investor who is looking for a high return commercial space in Chatswood will not give a shit about your brunch Acai bowl at Clovelly beach.


No – people care about themselves and their own situations. If they believe you care, they will be open to your help.


The very best part about this is that your competitors don’t do it – yet. You’re in an industry that is still highly self-involved on social media, so you have the advantage.


While they are playing with social media, you are utilising business media, and leveraging it into having more impact on everything in your life.


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P.s I know creating content and speaking in front of the camera can be daunting, I was always really hesitant, too. But once I understood that it wasn’t about me, it was about the viewer and how I could help them, it became so much easier.

If your content and story can help and make an impact on 1 person, is it worth doing?


If you want to learn more about how to add value to your content strategy that will drive sales, engagement and growth, hit us up and let’s chat.