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November Social Media Updates

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What social media updates happened in November?


With the majority of changes happening on Instagram, it seems as if the major social media platform is essentially trying to keep users engaged with the app for longer. 


They have shifted their focus from being just a photo-sharing app into a social media platform designed to encourage creators to use their tools like IGTV and IG Stories. 


They’re working to provide more features that will make it easier for creatives and businesses to create, engage, and share with their audiences.


Without further ado, let’s get into the top 5 social media updates this month.


Instagram pushes IGTV with further developments

Last month Instagram announced the new ‘Categories’ feature for IGTV, where creators can make and organise video series under one title. 


Now they are working on redesigning the feed layout to a ‘vertical scrolling’ system, where users can browse through videos in a constant ‘stream’ and keep them engaged with more content.


social media updates in november

Left: New vertical scrolling design. Right: Current feed design. Source from Digital Information World.


Why It Matters


  • Video content is seen to be the main focus for Instagram in 2020 
  • As creators, IGTV and Stories platform will be the main tools for engagement


IGTV Series Suggestions

  • Client Testimonials
  • Best of Property Videos
  • Market Updates
  • Work-Related FAQs and Reflections
  • Behind-The-Scenes videos of your work like Open Homes, auctions, the office, and staff
  • Behind-The-Scenes videos of the community and events you are passionate about


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Create Instant ‘Reels’ on Instagram


This Instagram vs. Tik Tok competition has gone up a notch.


Following the rise of Tik Tok  — now hitting 1.5  billion app downloads this month — Instagram has stepped up and replicated a similar feature called ‘Reels’, which will exist within the Instagram platform accessed via Instagram Stories. 


Creators can use ‘Reels’  to make instant, short video content and use its add-on editing features to embed music, change the video speed, and transition effects. 


It will be interesting to see how successful this feature will be. However, Instagram has not stated when it’ll be launched but it will be first trialled in Brazil.


social media updates in november

Instagram is working on their own Tik Tok app called ‘Reels’.


Why It Matters


  • Short-form video content is the next way forward and will be a focus for next year
  • Brands who want to adopt this new feature will have to rethink visual storytelling beyond the ‘Tik Tok’ format, which is targeted towards more younger users



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Instagram pushes its ‘Likes hide’ update globally


This is it – Instagram has finally enacted its Likes update worldwide and effected its hiding of all likes-count worldwide, as of 14th November.

Fundamentally, what this means is that users won’t be able to see the total number of likes on other’s posts, however, they will still be able to check their own. 


The tests occurred in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan and New Zealand first, to turn the social environment a less competitive place for users.


This major step forward aims to promote engagement and ‘de-incentivise’ vanity metrics. 



social media updates in november

Instagram to expand its likes-hide update worldwide. Source: Later


Why It Matters

  • Greater emphasis on metrics beyond pure numbers
  • Businesses, marketers and creators will need to build connection and engagement through content instead

Instagram focuses on Direct Messaging with the button swap update


In a new trial, Instagram is trialling the placement swap of the Direct Messages icon with the Activity icon.


Currently, the Direct Messaging icon sits on the top right corner, and the Activity icon sits on the bottom right.  The test will see these buttons swapped, meaning the DM icon will sit on the bottom right and the Activity icon on the top right corner. 


You’re probably thinking, ‘why?’

With this being a relatively new change, it seems Instagram is prioritising the Direct Messaging platform by giving users quicker access. 


One thing is for certain, though, this small change may take a while to get used to. 

social media updates in november

A test where the DM buttons will swap with the Activity button placement.

Why It Matters


  • Greater emphasis on direct user engagement, especially following on from Instagram’s new standalone Messenger app ‘Threads’ announced in September 


More Facebook Messenger Tools Serving Businesses


Facebook has been busy working on improving its Messenger app for businesses. 

Last month Facebook announced they are working on new features for Messenger that will give better access points for businesses to reach out and cater to their customers.


For example, users will be able to make real-time appointments via Messenger.

Now they are working to integrating more apps to Messenger, which will make it easier for advertisers to link their ads straight to Messenger.

It is also working on more automated interactions called ‘icebreakers‘ and re-structuring the ‘thread-like’ messaging system, similar to that of WhatsApp where users can ‘reply or react’ to responses. 



social media updates in november

Facebook is updating its Messenger app to better accommodate businesses. Source: Facebook


Why It Matters


  • Seamless touchpoints between you and your audiences
  • Personalised and direct communication that is accessible to all customers


So, those are the top 5 social media updates in November.


With the majority of changes happening on Instagram, it seems that these new features are a sign that the platform is working to strengthen the ‘social networking’ domain. 


What do you think of these changes? Let us know, send us a DM on Instagram or  Facebook.


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