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Facebook and Instagram Round-Up: 5 Social Media Updates You Should Know (Sept)

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Staying in touch with the latest social media updates across Facebook and Instagram is a must for brands, businesses or anyone in social media marketing. 


But with a ton of changes constantly happening, it’s hard to keep up.


We’ve rounded up 5 of the most crucial changes in Facebook and Instagram in the last month, some of which are happening now or are in the development stages, and may all have important implications on your marketing strategy. 


What’s Up Facebook?


The latest on Facebook Stories


For a long time, there was this idea that Instagram Stories was the go-to platform when it came to publishing short-form content. 


But actually, 70% of people prefer to watch Stories on Facebook.


Hubspot survey conducted on September 18, 2019


So what does this mean? 


It kind of makes sense considering that Facebook amasses a whopping 500 million active users. 


While the sample size of the survey was relatively small, it still indicates a budding opportunity for marketers and businesses who aren’t using the platform yet. 


It doesn’t mean creators and marketers need to come up with a brand new strategy for Facebook Stories off the bat, but this might just mean developing a habit of cross-posting on both Instagram and Facebook. 


Better collaboration and engagement features for stories


Facebook will soon be rolling out new features for its Stories platform to increase collaboration and engagement between brands and their audiences and help businesses reach more people. 


The Collaborative Stories feature will allow multiple accounts to contribute to a single Story thread. So if you’re hosting a big event, you can pre-select multiple influential users to post to the event’s Facebook Story. 


social media updates

New Collaborative Stories features to be released for Stories. Image courtesy of MarketingLand


Alongside, Facebook Stories will be releasing a nifty Call-To-Action feature that’ll let followers reply to stories with images and videos, which can then be reshared. Say goodbye to screenshotting and hello to more user-generated content. 


Learn how to Use Instagram Stories Stickers to Drive Audience Engagement.


What’s Up Instagram?


Instagram releases a new messenger app ‘Threads’ 


This year was hailed as the ‘messenger apps year’ in the social media world, so when there was talk in town about a new messenger platform for Instagram, we weren’t that surprised.


In another effort to take down competitor app Snapchat, Instagram has launched ‘Threads,’ a standalone ‘camera-first’ messenger app that will allow Instagram users to stay even more connected to their Close Friends.


As part of Instagram’s emphasis on the ‘need to stay more connected throughout the day’, Threads has an ‘auto-status’ feature that automatically updates users’ location and activity based on their physical movements, ie in transit, at home, at work (#throwback to MSN). 


We can’t help but question the usage and safety of this feature, especially at a time where digital privacy issues are at an all-time high. It will no doubt be at the forefront of everyone’s minds as we watch the monolithic social media parent Facebook take on these developments across Instagram. 


social media updates

Instagram releases a new messenger app ‘Threads’. Image courtesy of Instagram


Creator Studio: For Facebook and Instagram


The time has come: There’s a platform that consolidates all your Facebook and Instagram pages on one simple interface.


Welcome to the Creator Studio. Facebook announced its release mid-September, labelled as the “one-stop-shop” for your Facebook and Instagram accounts. 


Here you can ‘post, manage, monetise and measure’ your content across both platforms without having to switch from mobile or desktop. You can schedule and publish to your Instagram Feed and IGTV from Creator Studio on your desktop.


We’re pretty stoked about this feature because this limits the use of third-party social media management apps and it makes the job of any social media publisher or marketer more efficient. #Major


Facebook is also planning to expand its video insights so that users will have more control and management over their video content. Content creators will soon be able to pinpoint videos that attract returning viewers and view top-performing content through a new ‘scoring’ system.


Live broadcasters, this one is for you. Facebook will be integrating some helpful tools to Live video, including the ability to ‘rehearse’ to a small group of admins and editors before going live, and trimming the beginning and end of videos to minimise the idle first few seconds of setting up. 


social media updates

Creator Studio by Facebook


Other social media updates


  • Facebook is now trialling the removal of like counts, similar to Instagram, which was put was put into effect in Australia first mid this year. 


While Instagram has been relatively quiet in the last month, there’s been a big focus on developing features on Facebook for businesses and creators. It’ll be interesting to watch how these new apps and features roll out across Facebook. 


In the meantime, let us know what you think of these social media updates. Send us a DM on Instagram or Facebook.


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