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4 Best Practices for Video Marketing that Drive Business Growth

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Are you ready to take your video marketing to the next level and start building engagement across your social media and generate leads?


Right now, video marketing is the leading content type, generating 38% more engagement than any other form and 1200% more shares than image posts.


For businesses looking to gain awareness, attract customers and generate leads, find confidence in the fact that 64% of consumers will take action and buy after watching a branded video on social media.


So, if you’re looking to incorporate videos in your marketing strategy, you’re making a smart decision.


However, there are 4 key things to keep in mind before creating a video that will serve to drive business growth.


Be clear on the marketing goal and purpose


Compared to other content, video marketing is undoubtedly more time-consuming and effortful, requiring more thought and planning into the production process.


Before creating a video, write down what the purpose is. What is the goal? Where does it sit in your marketing funnel? 


By defining a clear goal it will help determine the type of video, the overall story and message, and even the look and feel, which is key if you want a high-performing video.


Here are some marketing goals you can consider:


  • Is it to promote your business or personal brand?;


  • Is it to attract interest for a new service, product or event?;


  • Or is it to generate engagement across your channels and get new leads?


For example, if you are looking to promote your brand, an agent profile video is a perfect opportunity to present your strengths and brand identity. 


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Keep your messaging succinct and targeted


This one goes hand in hand with your marketing goal. Who will your video be targeted towards? 


With your marketing goal in hand, think about the problem you as a business are trying to solve, and the particular type of people who will benefit from your service or product. 


Are the problem and solution articulated well in the messaging of your video? 


Even as video marketing is gaining popularity, plus with all the algorithm changes on social media, it is increasingly more difficult for videos to stand out. 


To create a compelling video you will want to be clear on the messaging and tone of your video, and try to keep it succinct to avoid confusion and drop-offs in engagement.


Regardless of what content format you are creating, you want a clear Call-To-Action in your video. It can be as simple as ending the video with the next steps you want your audiences to take to get in touch with you.


By including a Call-To-Action, it keeps your viewers engaged and encourages them to take affirmative action right away.


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Be specific with your channel and how to post your video


The next question to ask is: Where should I post this video?


Instagram Feed, Instagram Stories, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn….


Each platform will have different video specifications, so you want to ensure that you choose the right channel for optimal performance. 


For example, the specs, format, and duration of your video will depend on where you want to publish it, and knowing what the requirements are for each platform will help you get the most of out the video. 


Check the Instagram and Facebook guidelines here.


Tip: Keep up-to-date with the trends and updates on Instagram and Facebook so you can refresh your content and maximise engagement. 


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Aim for high-quality for better engagement



With the services, apps and creation tools available, we’re all pretty much creators now. And creating marketing videos is now easier to do…but also easier to get wrong.


Does quality matter? 


Yes, especially as it directly influences the rate of engagement. 


A study conducted by Verizon found a 77% decrease in viewing time when the video was lower in quality. 


So just because you should post more videos, does not mean you can post any video. 


As more and more brands are jumping to video marketing, it’s harder for businesses to compete stand out, and it easy to simply scroll past a subpar video.


The quality of the content, how you tell the story, the visuals, music and editing have to be carefully considered, especially as social content demand attention.


Alongside, crafting a compelling video is important if you want to cultivate a strong brand identity. 


You want to get to a point where your audiences can recognise your brand within the first second. 


Tip: Keep the branding consistent, like logos, fonts, colour palettes, tone, and visuals by creating a video branding style guide. 


Go big in 2020


There are so many benefits in incorporating video marketing into your strategy.


If you haven’t thought about video marketing, or you’ve been mulling over it, now is the time to double down and start brainstorming video content ideas for your business in 2020.



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